Educational forces of Ukraine!
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Nowadays Ukraine is plunged into a cruel war.

All Ukrainians work together to defeat the enemy. And every one knows his best way to help in this fight! Never did the whole world unite in such a way around Ukraine before! Never did everyone's input mean so much for us! We are the community of educators of Kharkiv city, one of the most prominent cities in Ukraine, that resists the invasion courageously. We understand that children are our future therefore despite such unfavorable circumstances we continue our work. We realize that "battles are won by armies, but wars are won by economies". We pay taxes and support the economy of our country. We are already planning the restoration of our city!

Ukraine is a country of extremely high cultural capacity. Our educators have a deep understanding of how and what to teach. They have already resumed teaching children and would be glad to see yours as our students too.

If you would like to help Ukraine to defeat the enemy…
If you would like to deepen the connection with your Ukrainian roots…
If you would like to support educators' families that shape the future generation...
If you would like to improve your knowledge or teach your child something new…

Your best is to join lessons with Ukrainian pedagogues.
Our values are:
Professionalism and empathy from the part of everybody who is involved in the educational process (not only teachers and educators)
Cultivation of positive thinking and stress resistance
Focus on results: happy children - calm parents
Development and improvement of our team as an important component of our success
Unstoppable education process of high quality as the main direction of our work (Ukraine and education are above all!)
Sufficient help provided for everyone. There aren't other people's children, as well as other people's problems - we are all members of one family (although with different names) - our TEAM
Our team is our home!
Service list
- School curricula 1-11-th grades. All subjects, individual lessons
- Music classes. Group and individual lessons (any kind, any level)
- Painting, art workshop, financial literacy, sport classes, psychological classes, mental arithmetic, leadership program, theater, German, English
- Ukrainian for preschoolers, Ukrainian for grownups - speaking clubs, in-depths study etc.
- variety of historical, cultural and other master classes
For whom?
For those who had to leave their homes but want their children to continue studying
For those who live anywhere in the world and want to deepen their knowledge of different subjects and arts in Ukrainian
For those who want to join studying Ukrainian culture through different classes and workshops
For those who leave anywhere in the world and have Ukrainian roots and want their kids or themselves to improve knowledge of Ukrainian
Get callback to know more
Our pedagogues are
- highly qualified pedagogues has extensive experience
- Phds in different sciences
- able to teach in Ukrainian, Russian, English (some classes)
- able to teach in any time
Knyazev Roman
Doctor PhD
Candidate of Physical and Mathematical Sciences
Physics and mathematics teacher
Barannikova Irina
Primary school teacher,
Teacher of primary education methodology,
Higher category, senior teacher,
NUS trainer
Vera Shirokova
President of the NGO Federation of Convergent Pedagogy
Teacher of mental arithmetic
Yatsenko Valentina
Associate Professor, Associate Professor of the Department of History and Socio-Economic Disciplines "KhHPA" KhCC, Candidate of Economic Sciences, Lecturer Methodist in the discipline "Economic Theory"
Irina Tabarchuk
Teacher of the highest category, teacher-methodologist.
Author of educational publications and textbooks in computer science.
Azhnina Olga
Primary school teacher, deputy director for education (primary grades)
Teacher of the highest qualification
Alexandra Kuzmina
Doctor PhD,
Candidate of Arts, laureate of international competitions
Associate Professor of the Department of Solo Singing and Opera Training of KhNUI named after I.P. Kotlyarevsky
Soloist of the Kharkov Regional Philharmonic
Laureate of the city competition "Young People 2021" in the nomination "Culture and Art"
Daniel Ostras
Postgraduate student IPCC NAN Ukraine
Master of Biology (Zoology and Animal Ecology)
Developed original training courses in chemistry, biology and geography, which are taught in accordance with the standards of the Ministry of Education and Science and taking into account modern achievements
Yakubchik Anna
English teacher of the first category
Rubanova Daria
Senior curator, curator 2-C class
primary school teacher
Teacher of the second category
Kovtun Kristina
Teacher of Ukrainian language and literature of the 1st qualification category
Tatiana Siryk
Lecturer in history and history of discoveries
Specialist in history and archeology
Event manager Honey Home
Sales Manager at Honey Home
Angleless Victoria
Аrt teacher, superior category
practicing artist
Bobrova Yana
Master in Economics
Business teacher
Communication Manager at Honey Academy
Bobukh Anton
Guitar player
Master of Musical Arts
Lecturer at Kharkov State Academy of Culture and Arts
Anastasia Golovko
Master of Musical Arts
Teacher of musical art, flute, and block flute
Concert flutist, project coordinator in the sphere of musical art
Sukhareva Julia
English teacher
Oleg Kochedikov
Oboe, guitar, percussion instruments
Artist of the SHIID OPERA Orchestra (Kharkiv National Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre) for over 20 years
Laureate of all-Ukrainian competitions 40 years in art.
Daria Kuzmicheva
Laureate of international competitions
Education: Kharkiv National University of Arts
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