Honey Home
Mironositskaya, 84
Blagoveshchenskaya, 13
For children from 1.5 years
Знижка -50% на пробний тиждень до 30 жовтня
в садочку на Мироносицькій, 84
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Why do parents choose Honey Home?
Age-balanced groups of up to 15 children
There is enough space for everyone to play and learn. Children are in a comfortable peer environment
Five meals a day
We have proven catering with quality and delicious food that children love. Many fruits throughout the day.
Professional educators
All classes are conducted by individual specialists in different areas. Thanks to this, children receive high-quality knowledge.
7 electives are included in the tuition fee
Karate, fitness, English, preschool, financial education, art and theater. Everything for the development of your child!
The first kindergarten in Ukraine using the progressive program "Leader in me"
This program is the key to good mental health of the child, which will contribute to successful self-realization in the future.
The program is designed for children so that they:
Understand emotions and know how to manage them
Set positive goals and achieve them
Experienced empathy for other people
Build and maintain positive relationships
Made decisions responsibly
We guide, we don't educate!
We create conditions for your child ...
Grew up responsible, sociable and comprehensively developed
I wanted to learn new things, I was able to achieve my goals
Grew up prepared for independent adulthood
In what conditions do children play, eat and learn?
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What do kids get at Honey Home?
Personalized Education
For each child, we create a curriculum that takes into account the level of his abilities, main interests, strengths and weaknesses of development and other factors.
Positive parenting
In order for the child to grow up self-confident, teachers and educators treat him as an independent person, respecting his needs and desires.
Holistic perception of the world
We unite our classes around a common theme. Children develop analytical skills and see the connection between phenomena and their consequences.
Willingness to explore
Educators support children in their ideas and help them explore the world through trial and error. Children learn from their mistakes, not fear.
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Blagoveshchenskaya, 13
Mironositskaya, 84
5 minutes from the Central Market metro station
10 minutes from metro Universitet
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