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We teach music and vocals according to the author's program.
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80% of school students have not studied music before. Even the future winners of music competitions. "From zero to pro" is our motto.
Learn to sing by performing your favorite songs.
Even those who have never played an instrument before play with us.
Let's take the hand from beginner to master!
Training according to your schedule.
Create rhythm, melody and beats with just your voice box
First victories after 6 lessons!
We can allocate a tool for the quarantine period.
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Team of Honey Music School
We love seeing students progress, so every month we improve our teaching methods.
Bobukh Anton,
guitar player
Master of Musical Arts
Lecturer at Kharkov State Academy of Culture and Arts
Anastasia Golovko
-Master of Musical Arts
- teacher of musical art, flute and block flute
-concert flutist, project coordinator in the sphere of musical art
Daria Kuzmicheva
- vocals
Laureate of international competitions
Education: Kharkiv National University of Arts
Gorokhova Anna
Received a master's degree from the Kharkiv University of Arts. I.P. Kotlyarevsky. Students won prizes in the following competitions: Music day in UA, Kharkiv stars and the international competition Grandfest
Kizka Alexander
Kizka Alexander
drum teacher with many years of experience
Potapova Oksana
laureate of numerous competitions and festivals. Lecturer at the Kharkov Academy of Culture, Kharkov Musical Lyceum, Honey music school. Artistic director of the children's orchestra Kharkiv music fest.

She performed in the best halls in Europe, toured in 15 countries, worked as an orchestra accompanist and soloist.
Miron Volokitin
Since 2017, he has been practicing beat-boxing in Bogdan Shapkin's studio, worked in collaboration with the famous guitarist Pavel Vasilkovsky, since 2017 he has been a drummer in the class of Alexei Khodinov at HMS, from 2018 to 2020 he has been studying trumpet with Yaroslav Babinenko at HMS.
Played and toured with the orchestra at UZI from 2019 to 2022.
Star teachers
In "Honey Music" they teach according to modern and relevant methods. Therefore, students win competitions, participate in the "Voice", "X-factor", enter music universities in Kiev and Kharkov.
Learning with pleasure
In vocal lessons you sing your favorite songs. If you study the piano, then from the first lessons you study the works of your favorite composers.
Focus on online
Even before the quarantine, the school worked online, so we know how to organize learning so that students feel comfortable and relaxed. Our students learn in safety and comfort!
Prices for online classes and price list for offline classes
10% discount for online classes
30 min
from 160 UAH
Trial lesson
45 min
From 245 UAH
Trial lesson
60 min
From 325 UAH
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