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First Innovative
Lyceum of Kharkov
Honey Academy
Set of children 0-9 grades
Blagoveshchenskaya, 13
How are the classes going today?
It is important for us to continue developing and getting new results, therefore the lyceum continues to work in an online format.
All courses are now available:
  • school program;
  • music and creativity;
  • sports and various circles:
  • weekly different master classes, seminars, and training.
Join our family from anywhere in the world!
Why parents choose Honey Academy?
Students can receive a full-fledged education in any circumstances and from anywhere in the world. All study materials are available in your personal account.
Possibility of offline and online studying
In each class, they help the teachers and accompany the children during their studies. Students learn the material faster and more effectively.
All teachers have their own assistants
A team of teachers with professional education and extensive experience working with children. Among them are candidates of sciences with work experience in international projects.
Teachers with international experience
The psychologist observes the process of adaptation of children, as well as their further interaction in the team. Provides psychological comfort for students.
Qualified psychologist
After training, students have more than 25
directions for classes with professional teachers and other studios. Among them: painting, robotics, programming and music.
Over 25 circles
We do not have a "rotation of teachers", we value our team and try to give them the best working conditions. Children are taught by a formed team of the best teachers in Kharkov.
Permanent team of teachers
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This is an innovative learning space originally from Kharkiv, the purpose of which is the growth of a new generation of intellectual elite.

We teach students* not only academic knowledge, but also relevant models of academic performance, practical skills and abilities that meet the modern challenges of the global world.

*Students - that's what we call all our "schoolchildren"
from the first grade, because even such "little things" help to bring up personal responsibility, which is so necessary in the modern world.
What is our lyceum?
Video excursion to our lyceum
Life of our students
Our values
we build relationships based on respect and tolerance for each other.
Mutual respect:
we listen and hear each other.
Empathy and mutual assistance:
we are one united team.
we are aware of what we do and say.
A responsibility:
we value new opinions, judgments and theories.
Freedom of expression:
we are constantly learning, experimenting and analyzing.
Mission of our Lyceum
Shaping the future of our children and society by educating students as confident, purposeful and stereotype-free individuals. So that our children can make decisions based on a strong base of knowledge and values and boldly build their and our future.

The Honey Academy Lyceum teaches you how to apply the acquired knowledge in real life. In our lyceum, students make interesting projects, solve important problems, develop critical thinking, communication skills and other qualities that are important in the 20th century.
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How is online learning going?
  • The student has constant access to all educational materials in his personal account;
  • the student connects to group or individual classes on convenient platforms;
  • each student is accompanied by our teachers and assistants.
Does the lyceum have a license?
Yes, the lyceum has a license to carry out educational activities in the field of general secondary education (primary general education, basic general secondary education, complete general secondary education)
Ліцензія ліцею
Статут ліцею
What document does the child receive after graduation?
State-issued certificate
How many children are in the class?
Study group size up to 15 students
What programs does the school follow?
The Honey Academy Lyceum is a licensed school that complies with the standards of the New Ukrainian School and integrates the best world practices into the educational process.
In addition to the main compulsory subjects, such as mathematics, reading, writing, IT, English with Ukrainian teachers, art, sports, weekly children have lessons from:
  1. STEM
  2. journalism, copywriting, storytelling and other language courses
  3. Incredible world
  4. project management
  5. business
  6. science
  7. other
What is included in the package and how are payments made?
  • stay at school from 8.00 to 15.00 (17.00 in high school)
    state standard training program
  • programs in STEM, journalism, copywriting, storytelling and other language courses,
    Incredible world, project management, business, science and others according to the class schedule
  • support of the family by a mentor and a school psychologist
  • textbooks, manuals necessary for learning supplies and stationery
    video monitoring
Paid separately:
  • excursion fund
  • nutrition
  • mugs
  • School of Music
  • transfer
  • holiday programs
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Blagoveshchenskaya 13, Kharkiv
5 minutes from the Central Market metro station
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